Please enjoy browsing through my selected works in separate galleries here. These galleries are by no means extensive but showcase the majority of my favorite works from past and present. Please do come back to this page as it will be updated regularly with new work and old as I dig up old files from my old computers and things.

Selected paintings

This is a small selection of my paintings from recent years. Select an image below to view larger and scroll through the slideshow.  

Darkness Series

This is a small series of paintings I made of gouache and gold acrylic. I am just starting to experiment with gouache and have really enjoyed it so far.

78 Tarot Project

These paintings were all painted for the 78Tarot Project Each year a new themed deck is created by around 80 artists from all over the world. Each artist has a card chosen for them to interpret as they see fit. I am currently working on next years art so that one isn’t posted here yet….