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Finally got the new website up and running!

Posted by Alexandria Sandlin on

It took me a while but I finally got set up here. There is still a lot left to do but I have a good selection of prints up and a couple original paintings. Loads more of both to list and I'll be catching up on it as time allows. 

In the meantime I am working on some new artwork for the Stardust Art Collective online group show and auction over on Facebook. Here's a link to the event page

The theme is Spring Dreams and Trees! Here is a Pic of my works in progress

Unfortunately I have also come down with a lovely headcold this week so I'm moving a bit slower than I would like. I know I'm not alone right now. Self quarantine until I'm feeling better as I don't want to infect anyone else :P Hope to be back with another update soon. 💌